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If you want to protect your underwears and want to use the same for a long time, then nothing can be the best option other than maintaining and caring the same in the best possible manner. Dry cleaning can be the best option but there are also many ways with the help of which ion is possible for you to maintain your underwear. The caring and maintenance instructions might vary from one brand to another and thus you must check out the standard instructions that are being provided by the brand for getting effective results.
How to take good care of underwears of Jockey?
If you want to maintain your slimming underwear for a long time, then you got to take good care of the same. Some of the most valuable maintenance tips are being recommended by the experts and they are as follows:-
• First of all, you need to follow the basic instructions that are being mentioned within the instruction manual of the manufacturer. This manual is really quite useful in nature and can cater you detailed knowledge regarding how to clean up, iron and maintain your unique underwears so that you can use them for a long time.
• Bleach products are often to be avoided to apply on the underwear as that can harm the material to a great extent. Therefore, it is necessary to have a proper bleach test so that you can get the conformation whether to use bleach products or not.
• Check out the ingredients of any liquid solution that you are about to use for cleaning or washing your underwears. It is very much necessary in order to avoid the unwanted chemical impacts that can create great disasters.
• No heat must be applied to the underwears and dry tumbling is needed for proper maintenance. This is mainly instructed by the manufacturer so that the user can sincerely follow the same for getting enhanced longevity.
• Gentle washing and cycling is very much required in order to protect the fiber of the underwears. Unwanted crèches can also be prevented in the similar manner. Do not use any such products that can affect the fiber or material of the underwears badly. 
• Steam ironing needs to be avoided as that can be quite harmful at times. This particular instruction is mainly included within the manufacturer’s manual.
• You can definitely use washing machines for washing the same but be careful with the drying procedure. The drying procedure must be mild so that wear or tear can be easily avoided.

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