• Wednesday, August 24th, 2016


Moving can be a tough experience; from having to leave an old home and a neighbourhood to a completely new area, to having to transport all of your goods to a new location. However, you can help make the moving in process fun at the housewarming party, where you can help your friends celebrate their relocation in style. Deciding what to give at a housewarming can be tricky, but here are some suggestions for some gifts that your friends might appreciate.

Items for the bathroom

It might help your selection process if you break down what the new home owners might need, room by room. Bathroom products will prove to be quite useful, but you can also provide them with some bathroom accessories. You have the opportunity to go for the more utilitarian products such as soap dispensers or cleaning products, but you can also choose something more indulgent. For this purpose, you can buy Turkish towels for their softness and air of luxury. You can also opt for some rugs for the bathroom, or even elegantly packed soap or a potted plant to add a bit of color to the room.

Holiday items

You don’t have to limit yourself to gifting items that will prove to be immediately useful: think of some activities that the new homeowners might be attempting for the first time. If their new neighbourhood happens to be near a beach, or if they are likely to go on picnics quite frequently, you can consider tailoring your gift accordingly. Why not gift luxury beach towels to accompany them on their trip to the seaside, or a lovely picnic blanket that is large enough to accommodate the entire family? You can also gift picnic baskets as additional items.

Housewarming baskets for every room

If you cannot seem to find just one item that seems generous enough to give as a gift, you have the option of preparing a gift basket. Before packing your basket, consider organizing it to a single theme, so that you can fill it up with a multitude of goodies. You can pack a basket of household tools from the hardware store, since it is likely that the new homeowners might have misplaced at least some of these appliances during their move. As an alternative, you can have a basket full of freshly made goodies ranging from cookies to some pumpkin bread. Other basket ideas include a basket full of kitchen utensils, or a basket of supermarket basics so that the new homeowners can get settled in.

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