• Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Sewing is a great thing to do. Let your mind wander and create new attires that are not only unique, but also beautiful. Sewing is a long process, but it is interesting. There are many reasons to make sewing as your hobby and 3 of them are:

Show your original ideas – It is very hard to get good ideas to do stitching, sewing for the first time. You can keep the stocks of good fabrics in your home before you can start to sew better clothes. For example, you can buy quilting fabric at Kennard & Kennard and use it as per your need.

Take some inspiration from your elders, aged family members like grandma, grandpa and others. You can start to make pillow covers that you always want to have or buy, but cannot get it in the market. You can make some floral designs on the pillow covers, dresses, bed sheets that you have in the wardrobe. You can make a hanky of various threaded designs too.

Feel good – When you will realize that you can make clothes, tangible objects not only for yourself, but also for others, then you will feel good. If you have kids in your home, you can make their clothes in your spare time. Buy children’s fabric print in Australia and create funky, stylish and beautiful dresses for your kids. You happy mental state will give you the satisfaction to make sewing your hobby. You can join a sewing class to get more creative ideas to do sewing. When you can make wonderful attires, you can be a fashion designer. You can try your luck in fashion designing if you can create unique designs on your own.

Earn money – When you see that a portion of your old dress is torn, your scarf is torn, you can use your sewing machine to fix this problem. You don’t have to rush to the tailor’s shop if you see that your favourite dress is a bit loose or tight, when you can sew the dress on your own. In this way, your extra money will be saved and your creativity to make new clothes will increase too. You can do the sewing job in your home for other people and you can earn some money in return. You can make an old dress more beautiful by adding some more colourful ribbons, buttons to it. If you need to stitch your school uniform on a holiday and no tailor’s shop is opened, then you can borrow a machine from any of your family members, who love to stitch.

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