• Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Looking for party ideas? And are you tired that all party ideas sound the same and the excitement factor of having a party is reduced than earlier days. Well there are few hacks that you can try to throw a different grand party. It would only take a little effort and less time if you plan it well, it would in fact be the best party ever. Everyone tends to take parties indoors. So, make a difference and instead throw an outdoor pool party. This would be different and beautiful.

Always pre- plan

How can you throw a pool party if there is no plan for it? The first thing you should do is fixing a date which is ideal for a pool party. Make sure that you double check with the television weather forecast reports before deciding the party day. It should be a sunny day, and should not be a day where there are predictions of rain. Next you should take down the guest list. Write down the number of people you are going to invite and make sure you call or message them and inform them personally. So, if there is anyone who would not be able to make it on that day you can scrap their name off and invite someone else instead. 

Decorate the place

Once you plan on the date and the venue, the next thing you should be focusing on is the place. Decorating the place should be done in a way that is appropriate for a pool party. For example, having crystal decorations and ornaments is not what one would expect at a pool party. Instead you can decorate the whole place with garlands. You can make tiny jewelleries using garlands with multiple colours for the ladies who attend the pool party so that they can wear them. Have inflatables and loungers in the pool in shape of animals and you can also fill up water balloons to have water fights later.Keep a separate space for items such as bikinis, hooded towels, Sunscreens, sun glasses, kids towel robes, towels and goggles. There is always a guest or two who forgets to bring a necessary item at a party, therefore having these items in store would be helpful and no one will have any disappointments.

The food counters

A mistake many commits is that keeping the food closer to the pool or at a place where kids could run over. The food counter should be in a place far from the pool so that water would not splash in case someone decide to have a water fight or jump into the pool as a cannon ball. Food items such as fried shrimps, crabs, prawn and chicken are a perfect treat at a pool party.

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